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These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS.  All the issues you see here are issues tagged with the label "type - feature request" from the Backdrop CMS core issue queue. 

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
901 [SR] Better/safer file type validation #3830
902 Create New Field API for more efficient fields #2661
903 [UX] Provide an option to sort the keys/values of the options select form elements #5823
904 Ability to specify absolute or relative links only in Link fields #1158
905 'Manage files' view sometimes shows incorrect filename #3507
906 [DX] Switch to a simplified array syntax for database connection information in settings.php #2231
907 [A11Y] Convert core to use EM's for all @media and font-sizes #1775
908 [DX] Allow `theme_get_setting()` to return a default value - like `settings_get()` and `update_variable_get()` do #6107
909 [WP][UX] Dashboard: Dismissible blocks #3996
910 Kickass Feature: Allow extracting a color scheme from an uploaded image, and apply it to themes supporting color module. #3328
911 Add Selection Rules to Layouts for Filtering / Limiting Context Values #5376
912 [UX] Explore the idea of converting the "Save"/"Cancel" text to links in the messages of "dirty" forms. #789
913 [WP][UX] Dashboard: Collapsible blocks #3995
914 [UX] Hide all field labels by default #2902
915 [WP] Add Token Filter to core #5352
916 [UX] Hide/Show row weights should not be done globally without warning #750
917 Add "Configure page title" tab to Layout admin pages #3983
918 File entity setting for garbage collection #2897
919 Change message to "Your comment has been updated" on comment update #5701
920 [DX] Remove unused item attributes (per delta) on fields #1352
921 [SR] Provide a status report entry for the database connection status #4945
922 [UX][D8] Views: Expose responsive classes in the UI via table settings #3656
923 Add a form API element for `image` that includes image type and size validators natively. #5946
924 [UX] Layout UI: Per-block "dirty" form messages. #2430
925 Add semantic markup to layouts #1970
926 Allow anonymous users to use a SESSION variable to set timezone #4612
927 [UX] Create a consistent and responsive step wizard for update.php and install.php #6290
928 [DX][D8] Allow config files to have dependencies #4188
929 [UX] Allow bulk-adding/editing vocabulary terms and menu items. #1006
930 Reconfiguring the administrative layout #3072
931 Search form does not allow to be styled using icons #5573
932 [UX] Allow multiple screenshots for modules themes and layouts #1517
933 [D8] Allow enabling modules (and themes/layouts?) via config sync / import #5163
934 [UX] Layouts: Allow menu "source" to be changed from within any menu block #3820
935 Allow deleting modules/themes/layouts via the "Uninstall" function of Project Installer. #2648
936 [UX] Either get rid of MENU_SUGGESTED_ITEM or change the way it works in a way that fixes UX WTFs #5834
937 [UX] Allow image styles to be ordered/sorted. #1141
938 CKEditor: Figure out a way to clear its cache so that plugin changes show up right away. #3460
939 Add a default 'posts' view to core #2152
940 Add new image style effect: mirror/flip vertically, horizontally and both. #1762
941 Clean-up of Database after Migration from Drupal 7.x #6109
942 [UX] When there is only one menu item in a section, don't list #4386
943 [UX] Taxonomy checkboxes/radios: Use indentation instead of dashes to denote children terms. #3292
944 [UX] Show result count and result range in search results #3261
945 [UX] Project Browser: Merge the pages in the UI where one can **INSTALL** a module, theme or layout into a single primary tab, under a single top-level menu item. #1701
946 [UX] Some UI improvements to Book module #5331
947 [UX] Allow bulk deleting menu links. #732
948 Feature request for Internal Redirects #3940
949 Provide smarter default query string key names for views exposed filters #2893
950 [D10] Views: (even more) responsive grid format #5719
951 [D8] Add a phone field type #1342
952 [UX] Language switcher block: allow some basic customization via the block configuration form #4924
953 [WP][SR] Add email obfuscator to core #3270
954 Restore Configurable Actions to core #3646
955 [D7] Provide method to get the pager's element ID #5958
956 Implement <time> tag for time stamps in core, e.g. date posted, comment date #2416
957 Run tests for releases after project published ZIP file #1964
958 [SR] Add a minimum length setting for passwords #4589
959 [UX] Provide preview and confirmation of permission changes before saving them #6320
960 Request to add a link to project pages for modules on Functionality page #4179
961 [UX] Admin bar search: Make certain search results distinct by prefixing their immediate parent item. #1002
962 Add permissions to view and use button "Clear log messages" #3056
963 Modify `.htaccess` to allow backdrop to serve `.well-known` URIs #5583
964 Transliteration: smarter "retroactive" transliteration of existing file names. #1506
965 Replace the draggable.png icon with a modern one, and add up/down-only and left/right-only variants. #5152
966 Add more HTML5 elements for dates #326
967 [UX] Allow cloning any user role (along with its permissions) #3813
968 [UX] Views/Field formatter: Count #2634
969 Introduce `entity_goto()` shortcut for `backdrop_goto()` on Entity paths #5838
970 [UX] Layout UI: Visibility conditions: URL path: Allow browsing and selecting pages. #1129
971 Better handling of location in locale source #3451
972 [UX] When error messages are set to "None", show number of php critical errors in the admin bar badge. #2138
973 [UX] Add # anchors to blocks in the Layout UI. #1724
974 Consider adding an easy way to provide click-to-copy functionality in core #6135
975 Display default views on a separate tab #4369


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