I need to get accessibility improvements in backdrop, to do this I need to add area attributes in blocks and fields, for example wen I add a link field, I need to add de role="button" attribute to show this link as button for screen readers.

To add this attributes I think you can add a tab in blocks and fields configuration , like the css tab to add clases and styles; as is now.

For example: Tab add atributes: When the tab is open: Field: attribute: Field: value.

Result, get bouth values and write this in the html tag. attribute="value"

I don't see anythin like this in an other place, Is there a backdrop module to add attributes for menu links, but the attributes are default, and can't be changed.

This feature can also add to menus, and other places to add mor functionality.

Excuse my english if is bad, but my native language is spanish, and I am learning every day.

I realy hope I was explain my idea.

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