Description of the need

My current use case is that I'd like to add a title field to some paragraphs. In theory, I can use CSS to style these title fields to look like titles, but as I think about accessibility it occurs to me that I shoudl be semantically tagging these titles with <h3> tags for screen readers. They are legitimate sub-titles on the page and should appear as such to screen readers.

I can't figure out how to do this properly with core features and have been looking for a contrib module that might help.

It seems like the Fences module would be the Drupal 7 solution to this problem. We have a port of the Fences module, but it isn't working for me.

While, I would be satisfied with a contrib solution to this problem. Given the accessibility concerns (assuming I understand them correctly), this might be a good feature to have in core.

NOTE: I'm very nervous that I'm missing an obvious existing solution and/or misunderstanding the value/accessibility concerns. Please, let me know if my logic is incorrect. I look forward to what others have to say?

Proposed solution

When creating a text field the user would have the option to wrap the field in a choice of logical html elements that would help improve the semantic markup of the site. I suppose this might be part of the display formatter or a basic field setting.

Alternatives that have been considered

Additional information

This was the closest thing I could find to a current core issue where this is being discussed, but that issue is much broader.

I also asked about this in the forum: (Maybe I should have waited for responses in that forum first?)

GitHub Issue #: