Description of the need

Sometimes a PR makes changes that doesn't require running tests on; e.g. documentation-only changes. In these cases, it'd be nice to save time by being able to skip the automated tests.

Proposed solution

Update our GH action to only run if a certain keyword/phrase isn't present in the PR title/commit message (e.g. [skip ci], [skip tests], etc.). So you'd make your documentation-only PR with the message Issue #12345: Fix typo in README [skip tests], and then the test suite wouldn't run for that PR.

It seems that a simple if condition in the GH action will achieve this:

Alternatives that have been considered

I believe those with the right permissions/access can cancel a workflow, but there are 9 workflows that make up our test suite, so it'd be nice if this was automated instead.

Additional information


Draft of feature description for Press Release (1 paragraph at most)

Backdrop now allows skipping CI tests in PRs by adding [skip tests] to the PR title.

GitHub Issue #: