For every site I build I install the contrib module backup_migrate and I wonder why this is not a capability built in to core.

If it also included the backup of the active config json files it would be even more convenient.

GitHub Issue #: 


Would this be enabled by default? Would it something that could be turned off/disabled? I say this because I have issues with the backup and migrate module when installed on larger sites. While it is controllable with permissions, I would rather be able to disable this functionality entirely than having to worry about administrators (customers) having access to it when I really would prefer they not.

@mbagnall - This has been discussed in the main issue. Enough people have made it clear that they would not want this enabled on their sites, that I'm pretty confident that it will be easily disabled.  Whether it would be enabled by default or not is less certain. Feel free to add your thoughts in the Github issue queue. 

I think the primary motivation for this is to make it easy for site admins to create a backup before running upgrade or making major changes. In my opinion, this feature is targeted at folks managing their own site on shared hosting.