Description of the need The D7 ckeditor contrib module has a lot more options and configuration available than in Backdrop. The issue that I'm looking at right now is the buttons available on the toolbar are extremely limited compared to what we currently use. I'd like to see those options added to the Backdrop core implementation of ckeditor, rather than having to disable the core module and use a contrib version of ckeditor. It's a deal breaker for some of our clients to be able to have those available for use. What we do now is basically just load the full package from the CDN and then eliminate the buttons we absolutely do not want the client to use (flash for example)

The full list buttons (plugins) that we have available for our clients (and ourselves) is:

(edit: I've grouped these into the sets below - but they up for discussion)

These are done already: * Source * Hyperlink * Unlink * Format * Bold * Italic * Remove format * Style * Cut/Copy/Paste ( * Horizontal Line * Maximize (Full Screen / * Div * Draw Table (included or

These we can & should add to core: * iFrame * Indent/Outdent ( + + * RTL/LTR ( ?) * Anchor * Teaser Break (see #1222)

These are handled by the browser or OS already, and maybe don't need to be repeated in the editor: * Spell Check #2071 ( * Find * Replace * Select All ( |

These are probably be best left to contrib: * Font (best handled by theme + editor styles) * Size (best handled by theme + editor styles) * Font Color (best handled by theme + editor styles) * Background Color (best handled by theme + editor styles)

Proposed solution Ideally, I'd like those to be included as available on the configuration page. We can then enable what we need.

Alternatives that have been considered Right now, it looks like we will need to disable the ckeditor module in core and port over the D7 version of ckeditor using the CDN, which will give us the full set of plugins. We will also lose all the integration with Backdrop, but it's a non-negotiable with many of our clients. TinyMCE for Wordpress has the full set available by default as well, but I don't really want to use Wordpress.

Is there a contributed module that accomplishes this? ...if so, then has this been ported to Backdrop?:

I don't think so. I was planning on doing the port myself.

...if not, then look here to see if anyone has already requested it to be ported:

No, it has not.

...if not, then create a request for it to be ported: Ckeditor already exists in core and I would rather see that module updated than port a contrib module.

Additional information D7-global-config-page

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