Description of the need

I'm developing a site, both functionally and with appearance that makes some of its data available as a CSV using views_data_export. I often have theme_debug switched on which then breaks the CSV. This is less an issue for production but it can be a pain in development if the service using the CSV then breaks.

Proposed solution

(A) An optional boolean override for the theme function in core/includes/ that is then checked here:

(B) A documented way for developers to list all templates or calling modules that should be excluded from theme_debug. The will then test that in addition to checking the theme_debug setting

Alternatives that have been considered

Describe alternatives you've considered. Have you seen this work in a better way in another CMS?

I created a small hack of to test if this principle could work

    if ($theme_debug && strpos($info['template'],'views-data-export')>0) {
      $output = _theme_render_template_debug($render_function, $template_file, $variables, $extension);

This worked but hacking core files is not going to be a sustainable solution and I can't see that this is possible to override in a hook.

The alternative is to switch theme_debug on and off all the time either using Devel or settings.php/settings.local.php Possibly modules could switch the setting off and on again but that may cause other issues

Is there a Drupal or Backdrop contributed module that accomplishes this? ...if so, then please provide a link.

Additional information

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Backdrop now includes the ability for developers to disable theme_debug for particular modules or templates, for example, if using Views Data Export.

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