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D8 ships with in core:

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I happened to come across, which is a ~37kb js library that seems to be doing a similar thing.

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There's (initially but changed namespace after library authors' request) that implements this, but it's D8 only :

RefreshLess makes navigating your web site faster by only loading the parts that change between pages. Uses the ideas behind Turbolinks technique (pioneered by Rails). But it goes further: thanks to Drupal 8's architecture, we're able to automatically figure out which parts of a page change. So, we only need to send the parts of the page that actually change.

When clicking a link that points to a URL within the Drupal site, we then keep the current page, but just swap the parts that change between the current page and the next. This means less data on the wire, and — most importantly — less work for the browser.

refreshless quick demo

GitHub Issue #: