Description of the need

In the discussion of it has been suggested that our default view of the new card content type would work much better if CORE provided a default image style that is cropped to specific dimensions to provide a more consistent display in views. Originally, we had added a new "cropped" image style to that PR to specifically to address this problem. BUT, this generated a debate over several different approaches, see below.

NOTE: The current thinking is that this issue is NOT a blocker for #4903 and can be addressed at a later date (either in this coming release or in future releases).

Additional information

This issue is largely a duplicate of #5590 - except that this issue is focused on a solution to the very specific problem raised by issue #4903 - while issue #5590 is intended to address a broader set of issues beyond those in issue #4903.

Proposed solution

Let's use this issue to decide which direction folks would like us to go:

1) Update all our default image styles to address this issue as well as other problems with the default image styles ( - close this issue and work on that PR. 2) Create a single new image style that is cropped and works for our view of Cards on front page - leaving the larger issues in #5590 for future. 3) Update ONLY the large image style (add cropping) specifically to address this issue. 4) Do nothing - and just let site architects create their own image styles.

Are we missing any other alternatives?

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