Description of the need

We are breaking #1475 into two distinct issues. We created #4354 for Forward resvisions and are creating this issue to address the need for Better/advanced Workflow states.

My understanding is that the overall goal of this issue to make it easier for contrib modules to add additional workflow states to revisions/versions than those provided by Backdrop CMS core.

The idea is to make it easier for contrib to add states such as "needs review," "deleted," "pending approval," or whatever states are needed for their custom workflows.

I would love to have someone rewrite or add to this summary of that issue. Please, feel free to review #1475 for more information, noting that much of that issue became focused on the narrower issue of Forward Revisions.

Proposed solution

I don't know, there might be ideas here: #1475

GitHub Issue #: 



not sure if this is the right place to post this, but for me it seems like this feature is what I'm missing.

I need to implement a simple workflow where "contributors" can create or edit nodes only as drafts (unpublished) and an "editor" can approve (publish) these new nodes or revisions.

Do I understand right, that this is not possible out of the box now (because only the latest revision can be published), but it was made to be possible with issue #4354 for Forward revisions, but needs some implementation in the user interface (as contrib/custom module)?

Is there some work on such module implementation already going on?

Or how could I get some guidance/documentation on how to programmatically

  1. save a new revision as draft only (keeping the previous revision active and published)
  2. and later publish the latest (or a specific) draft version?