It would be pretty outstanding if we have field_group in core so that forms could be arranged a lot nicer with things like vertical tabs and such through the UI.

Requirements for getting fieldgroup in core: - [x] Place the module into the core/modules directory - [x] Move theme functions into file - [x] Remove all the field group help text - [x] Field Group Configure and Delete operations should use dropbutton - [x] Field Group Configure form should use menu callback (move from an expanding section to a new page -- same as field settings). - [ ] More User experience cleanup TBD (see below)

User experience cleanup options: - [x] N/A ~Remove the whole 'Fieldgroups' fieldset and help text~ (from previous iteration of module) - [ ] Remove the whole 'Fieldgroups' vertical tab (including the ability to clone from another display) - [ ] Instead of having a separate 'Add new group' row below 'Add new field', just have 'Group' as an option under 'Select a field type', and the different group types (e.g. fieldset, vertical tab, etc.) as 'Widgets'. - [ ] remove the ability to change the group type from the overview page

New features (options): - [ ] Make field group containers collapsible - [ ] Add a "clone" operation for a field group on the currently visible display

Related issues: * Switch to an "Add field" and "Add field group" action link (same as D8/D9): * Separate "Manage fields" and "Manage form" (field group would not appear on "Manage Fields")

Issue advocate: @jenlampton

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