Description of the need

I want to setup a new site and either: 1. Not have default content, content types, vocabularies, etc. created by default, or 2. Be able to remove the default content, content types, vocabularies, etc. with the press of a button.

Proposed solution

Either we: 1. Allow users to select the minimal profile on install (I.e. we unhide it and show the profile selection step of the installer (currently it's skipped)), or 2. Move default content, content types, vocabularies, etc. to a dedicated module that can be disabled as needed.

Option 1 would be similar to/in favour of (since choosing between Standard and Minimal, is essentially the same as making Minimal the default and then choosing to install Standard over the top or not), but would go against and

Option 2 would allow new users to see the default content, etc., but would also give them an option to remove it should they later choose to start afresh. However, it's going to be tricky to work out how to handle non-content things (e.g. content types, vocabularies, etc.).

Alternatives that have been considered

Users can already choose to install Backdrop without any default content, etc. by using the hidden Minimal install profile, but you have to already know about it, and it's not very easy to do. Also, it means giving up on lots of other stuff that the Standard profile does other than default content.

Users can also just manually delete what they don't want but, in addition to what core already provides, we're about to add even more default content, layouts, views, etc. with

Additional information

I don't know which of the proposed solutions is the best, I just know that I think users should have a clear choice about what goes on their site by default.

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