This one is the same as with the addition of suggesting additional toggles/filters for pages that already have some sort of filtering solution in place as well as providing one in places that do not have anything in place...

We already have a search/filtering solution at the top of the following places: - admin/content (needs a text field that filters by content title and perhaps author and/or body too - see - admin/people - admin/modules (we are already discussing about adding a switch in the modules page in #498) - admin/reports/dblog (could use a field that searches by message text) - ...add any I might have missed here

...and these ones could use one: - admin/config (text field that searches by both title/description): #978 - admin/reports/updates (toggle to show out-of-date / up-to-date / all) #4575 - admin/config/people/permissions (text field search to search by module/permission): #980 - ...add any I might have not thought of here - admin/config/development/testing #5257 - admin/structure/block - admin/reports/blocks

These should be instant filters where possible (JS that dynamically shows/hides items listed as user types or makes a choice) and support text search, drop-down select menus, checkboxes and radio buttons.

I emphasized the "where possible" in my sentence above because I realize that it is really tricky to have these filters act dynamically in lists that span across multiple pages (for example content, people and dblog), but it should not be an issue with the rest.

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