I'm making a site that has multiple level terms. For example taxonomy > parent_term > child_term > node but I noticed there are no replacement tokens that can be used to build the url that will show the parent term in the url if the node is added to a child term. Say site.com/taxonomy/parent/child/my_node instead I get site.com directory site.com/taxonomy/child/my_node or site.com/taxonomy/parent/my_node depending which term is selected.

Only token I see for node url's is [node:field_category] where category is the name of Term reference field. In Drupal there were more token options for example fro another D7 site I have [node:field-product-category:parent:name]/[node:field-product-category:name]

There is a [term:parent:name] for Taxonomy/terms patterns.

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