Description of the need

Formal request to add Brotli compression and make gzip the fallback compression


Long story short, Brotli is a newer compression algorithm designed by Google around 2013 to replace gzip which was created in 1992. Brotli produces larger compression ratios over gzip, allowing for even smaller file sizes.

I won't go into detail about what Brotli is, how to get it going or why Backdrop should support it because this article does a fantastic job explaining it:

Proposed solution

It looks like some work will need to be done to add Brotli as a compression within Backdrop itself, much like gzip. This is mostly over my head, but looks like the same code that runs gzip can be used to do the same with Brotli

Additional information

Should this be a contrib for now until it gains more traction? Maybe it will gain more traction if it is actually part of core.

GitHub Issue #: