Description of the need

At present, if you have uploaded SVG files to use on site, these show as though the file can't be found: image

As a content author I want to be able to preview SVG images when I go to add an image to a content item through the "Select from Image Library dialog" So that I can check I'm inserting the right image

As a content author I want to see light coloured SVG images against a dark background and vice versa So that I can easily see what the SVG will look like

Proposed solution

When viewing the Select from Image Library dialog, SVG files are rendered against a light or dark background depending on the dominant colour, or user could have an option to switch background colour.

Alternatives that have been considered

If you go to manage files, you can click on view and see them displayed as an entity.

Is there a Drupal or Backdrop contributed module that accomplishes this? Not aware of any. The SVG Image Support module adds support for fields but doesn't have any impact here.

Additional information

Add any other information or screenshots that would help.

Draft of feature description for Press Release (1 paragraph at most)

Backdrop now includes support for previewing SVG files when you are selecting an image from the image library to add to content. The background is adjustable so you can preview easily even if the image is the same colour as the page background.

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