Description of the need

Ideas have circulated about offering a streamlined installer with various bits that are downloaded at the time of install. Others have suggested offering a "browser" for recipes done after install. Whatever the need for internet usage during/after install, I think it would be good to collect the status of internet during installation to get a better idea of the number of people who are installing BD without a direct internet connection and bringing it online at a later date. Maybe even collect the amount of time that has passed between installation and being online.

I for one would like to see a bigger push for BD "requiring" an internet connection for "the best experience" so we can implement different QoL enhancements that can only be done if there is a live connection. That said, I think it is still valid to have a "low experience" installation that doesn't require internet.

Regardless, we would have a much better idea on the direction to go with discussions about "internet at install for xyz" if we actually knew how many people had a live connection. This would give us data we can point out to make a solid argument.

Proposed solution

Add a way for Telemetry to phone home during the install to see if there is a response and set a flag accordingly.

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