When the search results are more than a couple of dozen (even in a big screen), it makes no sense scrolling down...

admin_bar-search_results_list_too_long - The effect of expanding the respective menu/submenu where the result is found looses its value as you scroll down and the admin bar disappears. - Making the admin bar "sticky" could be a solution, but the results would then have to not "follow" along.

Could (and should) we make the list of results scrollable instead of expanding the whole page height? I mean is there a way to have the scrollbar in the list of results instead of the page? This would keep the admin bar within view at all times.

Should we simply start presenting results after the 3rd letter typed (instead of the 2nd as we do now)? That should limit the chances of getting a long list of results and not cause the issue in the first place I guess.

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