As we briefly touched on at the Backdrop Summit, one of the biggest UX challenges in Drupal has been the most recent version of the Views UI, which rearranged all the options in a way that baffles even seasoned drupal developers. Mindbogglingly, this doesn't seem to have been addressed at all when they migrated the Views module into Drupal 8 core, so improving this problem could be a great opportunity to show how Backdrop could become the more-usable alternative to Drupal.

One idea that I've had is to use vertical tabs to organize the different aspects of views configurations. It would kinda be like the top-to-bottom configuration workflow from Views 1, but with less scrolling. I'm thinking the tabs for each view display could be something like: - Content selection (base tables and relationships) - Filtering (both regular and contextual) - Display type (configuration and fields, if applicable) - Header, footer, and empty text - Additional settings (permissions, caching, query settings)

Does this sort of approach make sense? Perhaps we could create a contrib module for this alternate UI now, and then consider merging it into core for backdrop 2.

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