For example, we display this message when the Layout edit form has the "dirty" flag (unsaved changes):

This form has unsaved changes. Click "Save layout" to make changes permanent or "Cancel" to discard changes.

So we ask the user to scroll down the end of the form and choose to hit any of the two buttons available there. The reason we don't have any complaints about this is because long time Drupal users know where to find these buttons. Newcomers will have to pogo-stick for a second or two. We could add a "at the bottom of the page/form" text to explain where these buttons are, but who knows if in the future we'll end up duplicating the form buttons at the top of the page or moving them in the admin_bar or a sidebar. So adding such "directional" text is not future-proof.

How about since we already have this text in the message, we convert it to links holding the respective action? This way the user will not have to search for the buttons or scroll in order to take an action.

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