When either enabling many modules at the same time, or when enabling a module with multiple dependencies, the list in the "Enable modules" step can become lengthy/overwhelming. For instance this is after trying to install/enable the Ubercart module:

Suggested improvements: 1. Place all dependencies inside "more"/"less" fieldsets (or details) - This makes this issue part of #5090. 2. Have all modules with met dependencies be collapsed by default 3. Have all modules with unmet dependencies be expanded by default (to show the missing dependencies that are indicated in red text color) 4. Style the contents of the dependencies column more like the list of modules in admin/modules or the status page (smaller font size, lighter text color etc.)

Other things that we could consider for improvement: - indent the checkboxes of submodules - collapse the entire list of submodules (and their checkboxes) within the main module of the project

GitHub Issue #: