I'm working on a site that has about 10 image styles, and I would love it if the image styles list could be organized in a meaningful way. My first thought was to add a weight to each image style (in code) so that the list would come out organized by my weights. Unfortunately, it does not look like the function image_styles() sorts by weight, or actually by anything at all.

An easy win for developers hoping to organize their image styles would be to add a call to backdrop_sort in here.

If it were to first sort by weight, then alpha by name, we'd get the default behavior for non-developers to have the styles sorted alphabetically, which might also be a win.

in the function image_styles() let's change the last few lines like this:

// Sort the styles by weight, then name.
backdrop_sort($styles, array('weight' => SORT_NUMERIC, 'label' => SORT_STRING));
backdrop_alter('image_styles', $styles);
cache()->set('image_styles', $styles);

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 3 57 34 PM

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