Description of the need

I've noticed that in a handful of contrib modules, there is an install hook that simply sets a message with a link to the configuration page. In Drupal, I love this feature as it saves me from needing to find the module that was just installed, open it's collapsed set of buttons, and click it's configuration link.

Here's some example code from the sendgrid integration module:

function sendgrid_integration_install() {
  $t = get_t();
  backdrop_set_message($t('You can configure SendGrid settings under Administer > Configuration > !link', ['!link' => l($t('SendGrid settings'), 'admin/config/system/sendgrid'),]));

Proposed solution

Since modules already define a configuration link in the .info file, we could use that link to set this message automatically for all projects.

[DX] This would improve the experience for contributed module developers, as they wouldn't need to repeat the same action for every module they build.

[UX] I believe this would also be a user experience improvement, but I'd love more feedback from others.

Alternatives that have been considered

In Backdrop, we've already improved the module installation scenario by 1) remembering the filter for the module that was just installed, if you'd used it before installing the module it remains after -- making the actions links immediately available. And 2) we've removed the collapsed set of buttons, instead replacing them with action links that are more immediately available.

Additional information


Draft of feature description for Press Release (1 paragraph at most)

When installing a module in Backdrop, you'll be immediately be presented with a link to the module's configuration page, if it has one.

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