Description of the bug

This is a follow-up to

with Views lists, node titles still show as hyperlinks when using fields

I looked into this, but in the view we don't currently have the node type, or the rendered node to pass into node_type_get_type(). We need the type in order to find out if the node has a hidden path.

I'm hesitant to load a node where we didn't load one before (especially in views where there are likely to be hundreds of node) due to performance implications, so I'd rather we find a way to pass along the node type as an additional_field much like we pass along nid as an additional_field. I don't think this will affect performance since we can pull it out of the node table along with nid.

Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce the behavior: 1. Change the Post content type to be pageless. 2. Build a view of fields, leave the box checked to link the title to node. 3. View the view as authenticated (the title to Post nodes should be linked). 4. View the view as anonymous (the title to Post nodes should NOT be linked, as the link goes to 404).

Actual behavior

Links to 404s are generated since node module does not check for hidden paths before generating this link in views.

Expected behavior

The link should appear for those with access to "view hidden paths" but the title should not be linked for those who do not have this access.

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