When using a pager in a view, it's easy to get to the first page since the link to it remains static (it's the basically the URL without any arguments). What I would like us to introduce is a dynamic last fragment in the URL of paged views that would take the users to the last page no matter how many pages the view grows to.

Use case: each week during our dev meeting, for the "Community growth" section I need to grab a few stats from various places. One such number is the number of currently registered users in b.org. Th instructions of how to get this number say visit the /admin/people page in b.org, where one needs to scroll to the bottom of that page and click on the "last" pager link. That link currently points to https://backdropcms.org/admin/people?status=All&role=All&combine_name=&page=7, but the last page=7 part changes as more people register. Can I please haz a https://backdropcms.org/admin/people?status=All&role=All&combine_name=&page=LAST (capitalized the part for emphasis)? That way, I can bookmark that link and spare myself the trouble of scrolling :)

...seriously though now, I think that this would be a small but very useful improvement.

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