**Description of the need**
Since URL Aliases often closely match the title of a piece of content, you could think of a node's URL Alias like its machine name...

**Proposed solution**
That got me thinking; why not make the URL Alias field part of the node's Title field, in the same way that a Machine Name field is part of the entity's Title field?


So, when you create a piece of content for which URL Aliases are enabled, they would appear next to the Title as text that's generated automatically as you enter the Title. And there'd be a button that would enable an editable field for if you wanted to change the URL Alias to something other than the default.


Based on this (and other) screenshots, I believe WordPress does (or did) something very similar:
![WordPress screenshot](https://www.theblogstarter.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/blog-post-link...)
(Source: https://www.theblogstarter.com/how-to-add-links-to-your-wordpress-blog/)

EDIT: Updated WP screenshot/source.

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