Description of the need

Many end-users today do not expect to have to "prepare" images before uploading them. They should be able to crop, rotate, flip, etc. images after they have been uploaded into a system. The "art" of even manipulating an image prior to posting is unheard of to younger audiences, when the primary feature of many photo sharing tools is last minute manipulation on an image through an app or website.

Proposed solution

After uploading an image, you should have basic manipulation tools available to modify that image. I think a tool like provides a good basic set of functionality for crop, rotate, and flip.

An additional library (or a more comprehensive one) that also provides filters may also be desirable, such as but that one in particular is no longer supported, nor is it a GPL-compatible license.

Alternatives that have been considered

We could always leave this in contrib. Both of these modules exist for Drupal - provides integration with arbitrary image editing software. - Specific integration with CamanJS

Additional information

Ideally you'd be able to edit an image both immediately after uploading (such as in a dialog) and after uploading from the File management listing (admin/content/files). Perhaps initially we should just worry about one or the other, with the file listing option being the easier one because it would probably just get its own page.

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