I'm trying to have Backdrop working within Docker.

I've setup a docker-compose file but got no luck so far. I've posted the message on Twitter and setup a repository where I can play.

My goal by doing this is to provide the Drupal 7 theme Atomium for the Backdrop community, read more about it here: https://not-a-number.io/2017/a-word-about-atomium

I think having a Docker ready repository with backdrop would encourage people to test it in a easy way and developers (like me) will be able to setup a test instance in a 2 commands.

I did the same for Drupal 7, see it here: https://github.com/drupol/dockerdrupal7runnerngninxphpfpm

Accepted answer

I found the solution, the repository https://github.com/drupol/backdrop-docker is not able to spawn a Backdrop instance in 3 commands only.