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I posted this question in Gitter, but as is often the case, it was lost in other conversation. However, the forum is the better place for this.

Which conferences are likely to be friendly to Backdrop and/or have a higher than one introductory Backdrop session presence?

I know the primary one is BADCamp.

Based on what I have observed in various places, I think Florida DrupalCamp and Twin Cities Drupal Camp would fit, but I'm not entirely sure if I'm correct about those two.

Are those two correct?

Are there others?

My motivation here is that if I were to consider going to one conference or another, I would only be attending to connect with people who were interested in Backdrop in one way or another, and so I would want to make sure that a conference I was targeting had a reasonably higher Backdrop presence than one session and one or two interested people.


I think you are correct about both Florida Drupal Camp and Twin Cities Drupal Camp. However, given that DrupalCon is coming to Minneapolis this year, there are no definitive plans for Twin Cities Drupal Camp in 2020. 

I heard a rumor that another camp is planning a Backdrop MiniCamp this year, but I forget which one. (Was it in New York?) 

Midcamp has also been Backdrop friendly and included Backdrop training sessions. However, I don't think there is any guarantee about Backdrop sessions at any of these camps in any given year, so you would be wise to check the schedule or watch the travel schedule of Nate and Jen. 

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yes, there will be a small one day event in NYC this year. I'll post info when we get the final commitment from the venue