I am wondering if there is a way to comment/review and rate the user profile ? I was looking for the same solution for Drupal7 before, now, am wondering if there is anything new in backdrop here to do this. Thanks


@dd123 - As far as I know, you cannot add comments to user profiles.  However, would it work to create a person content type and is linked via entity reference to the user account?

You could add whatever fields, rating and comments to the node and then use views to link them and display wherever you want.

I'm not doing exactly that, but I am doing similar as I need to have some people nodes that are not linked to users and there may also be some users that don't have a people node as they're not public facing.

Possibly with Fivestar for the rating portion (though I haven't tried it). You could try adding a "Fivestar rating" field on user accounts.

EDIT: @yorkshirepudding's idea of adding a node that is linked via entity reference so that you can include comments is a good one. Maybe you could configure Rules to create that node and link it automatically when a user is created (also not certain of that).