I had created a custom block for an email subscription form but found out I couldn't just copy from old site. I erased all the code (as it displayed all the HTML code) but it keeps showing up in pages/posts. I am sure it's a quick fix but I cannot find how to do it. Help?


I did not understand what you meant to be honest.

@lee - I am also a little unsure what you are trying to do. Let me see if I understand. 

1) You created a custom block as admin of your site (you did not create a custom module) in the UI or user interface?

2) You then tried to delete the block, but the block keeps showing up on your site?

If I understand this correctly, I can suggest a few things that MIGHT help. 

A) When you create a custom block, you also must place the block on a layout. Be sure to check all your layouts and remove the block from the layouts. 

B) If you remove or edit a block on a layout, you must also save the layout after making this change. It is easy to forget this step. Maybe sure that you deleted the block AND then saved the layout afterwards. 

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If this is not helpful. Can you provide us with more information? - A screenshot of the block

- A link to your site

- More information about how you created and how you deleted the block.