How is it possible to donate to Backdrop CMS (via PayPal as this is my way that is possible)? A one-time donation when a person has the opportunity or regularly?

I guess if I search the site I'll find a link to that. I'm writing this post more about something else.

I wonder if there is any reason why there isn't an easy way to make such donations - both single and recurring? I mean why isn't there a link for this on the module and system update page?

Not in the Backdrop CMS website, but in each system installation internally - in the admin pages?

There is a similar option, for example, in the administrative pages of Matomo, I am attaching a screenshot:



There is this page - https://backdropcms.org/contribute

I think it is a good idea, perhaps for the dashboard to have a ways to donate.

I think if we are to start pushing donations more, it would be good to be more transparent about how much is received and what it is spent on. 

Thanks for the link.

In addition to the previous post, however, I will note that this donation page is not featured on the home page of the Backdrop website and is harder to find. It would work more efficiently if a link to it was placed, for example, in the footer of the home page.

For example:

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I made a modest donation. I am sharing the link not because my  contribution is significant, but because the webpage recommended that I share the link to encourage other donors.

"Share this link on social media posts, newsletters, websites, and more to inspire others to make an impact"


I personally plan to regularly allocate a portion of my future earnings from Backdrop to support the community as much as I can. I think if more users (outside of the active developer circle, contributing in real development) do it, we'll all have better and more useful tools to work with.

Thanks Backdrop!!!


The donation was marked as going to the Software Freedom Conservancy, not to Backdrop, but as I come to think of it, the cause is common and probably even better that way. But maybe someone doesn't share this cause, or for some other reason would like to donate directly to Backdrop and not to a foundation whose existence they didn't even know existed until now.