I have created a "photo credit" field on the file type for Image.

Is it possible to make this new "photo credit" field when uploading images on nodes, such as here:



Again, I want this "photo credits" field to be attached to the image, not the node. But, I want to fill out the field as I'm adding a new image to a node or paragraph. 

Any ideas?


It's currently not possible. You can fill in fields attached to file entities (and images) only when you upload the files through Manage file UI, but not when you do so through a file field. I'm sure there must be an issue in the queue to fix this... but I haven't looked.

To clarify: Bakcdrop's File entities are fieldable (unlike D7's core File entities). So the functionality IS there, and you can add fields when you upload files through the Manage files UI. The problem is that this is not implemented (yet) for file reference fields. File entity inline might do the trick, but it would be preferable to add this in core. 

@argiepiano - Good news. The module you mentioned, seems to do exactly what we needed. We did an initial port and it seems to be working. 


After a bit more testing, I hope to move this module into contrib space, hopefully this weekend.

Yes, I agree that might be a good candidate for core. 

Anyone looking for this in the future, look for the soon to be released module: File Entity Inline