Hello there, i recently switched from d7 to backdrop and think i´ll stay.
As a below-average skilled user i´m struggling a bit with the lack of documentation/tutorials/explanation but got along so far.

But now i really need a little help with that "block refresh"-thingy, which i really can´t get to work.

I set up some testing site to try out stuff, so everything´s very basic with the current version of backdrop + block refresh installed.

> I set up a view showing newly posted content, set the block to update every 20s and manually. Only 1 item, no pager.
> Expectation: When posting new content that given content will updated into the "new content"-block within a short time.

> What happens:  The block shows the block title, the current newest content but no "refresh"-button, after ~20s the block updates as required, now displaying the refresh button but no content, hitting the refresh button has no effect

>What i did: Followed installation instructions as given here: https://backdropcms.org/project/block_refresh, was confused by the statement
" Note: the current working version of this module depends on this core fix: https://github.com/backdrop/backdrop-issues/issues/2713"
So...is this fix in core now? And -if not- how would i apply this fix, since this is way beyond a "one-click-and-go"-solution or a "rtfm"-case.

Maybe someone can help out.


The core fix statement is not needed anymore, I think (that fix was committed in B 1.8 from the looks of things). I haven't used Block Refresh but did a quick install and see very similar results to what you describe. I'll post a question on the live chat linking here and see if someone who uses it might chime in.

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Hello ,

I've never used that module before, but wanted to chime in quickly, to say that the core fix has been merged since Backdrop 1.8.0 a few years back - so no need to patch core.

Thanks for reporting this 👍 ...as a member of the Backdrop Bug Squad, I have updated the README file for that project, to remove the comment about the fix/patch being required.

FWIW, I have tried the following:

  1. added the "Promoted content" block in a layout, and have set it to auto-refresh at the default of 120sec.
  2. in a separate browser tab, I've updated both the title and body text of the "Your first post!" post.
  3. allowed 120sec to pass -> the block vanished 👎
  4. edited the block, and changed the refresh method from auto to manual -> saved the block and layout
  5. cleared caches -> no link/button on the block to allow me to manually refresh 👎

So, it seems that there must have been a change at some point that has broken the module I guess.

Jen is the module maintainer; so I will try to reach out to her about this.


PS: I've created an issue for this in the module's issue queue: https://github.com/backdrop-contrib/block_refresh/issues/3