Hey guys

I have just discovered quite a big issue with the Metatag module which is the 5th most installed Backdrop Module so I figure that this problem is an issue on a lot of Backdrop sites. I discovered that mazzech had reported this as an issue 13 days ago on github:


The issue is that this module outputs all meta tags as <meta property="xxxxxxx", however most standard meta tags including the most SEO-critical and commonly used (meta description) should be outputted as <meta name="xxxxxx", which means that Google are not reading the meta description when indexing Backdrop sites using this module. However tags like open graph related meta tags should still be outputted with property=

The user indigoxela has made a quick and dirty workaround:


which I have tried to modify here:


However I am not sure that this is the correct way to do it, so if anyone with more experience in module-development could have a look at it, it would be appreciated a lot, as this is a pretty big issue for Backdrop in terms of SEO.  

Thank you :)


Hey @klonos

No problem :)

Yeah I saw that jenlampton had replied on the Github issue, which is very nice with a quick feedback, so thank you for that. :)

Hopefully we can find a solution for this issue.