The Menu Block module has been included in core. However, I think that I was able to set a "Fixed Parent Item" with menu block in Drupal. How do I do that with Backdrop CMS?

The use case is that I want to create a block that displays a fixed sub-menu that does not change based upon context.


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You could build a separate menu, add only the links for the sub-menu, and place it as block. In the block configuration it makes probably sense to enable the  "Show all menu links" option.


I agree that might work for some use cases. But, it's not the same thing. I might want to use a sub-section of the main menu and not have to update two different menus if it changes.

There might be three options:

  • Maybe using alter hooks you'd be able to add that functionality to the core functionality. I don't have high hopes this works.
  • Create a contrib module that's basically the same as the D7 version.
  • Port, which seems like it might have similar functionality. I haven't tried it but I came across it recently.