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I tried this in a production site, then to make sure i tested in a fresh install with the same result

Note: I had Chosen module installed on 1.15 and worked fine, but i did not test with previous versions of Backdrop 1.16.0 because i jumped from 1.15.3 to 1.16.1

Chosen module disabled

Chosen module enabled


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Hi Rogelio,

this looks weird...

As you were able to reproduce it on a fresh install, it might be worth opening an issue in the module's queue. Mind to do so?

Personally, I'm  not using this module, so I can't help much here.

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Hello  👋

I've tested this on a fresh vanilla installation, and could not reproduce it.

Can you please provide more info, such as a list of which other core and contrib modules you have enabled?

Are you overriding anything in the admin theme?