So, I'm moving a D6 site to Backdrop, and whilst it's generally going fine; the theme is easy to copy and recode; I've set up content types and fields manually; and I'm using Feeds to import content via CSV files exported through Views in D6.

But where I'm stuck is importing a large number of Views (and Image Styles) from D6. Looks like there's no import option as with D7, however there is a way of importing Configurations, which I assume works much like D8's Confi.

Does anyone have any ideas how best to get my D6 views in Backdrop? Any helper modules out there? Should I look at getting everything into D7 and then D8 and then into Backdrop? Will that work?

Any advice much appreciated!

Accepted answer

You can try this once you have the views in Drupal 7 version. The readme has the path you need to paste the D7 code.

Probably won't be perfect but will get you most of the way.


Thank herb! Not sure how I missed that module! It's not perfect, as you say, but will certainly make things easier.

But if you upgrade from D6 to D7 then D7 to Backdrop, the upgrade process should convert the Views. The code for that module is lifted straight from the upgrade code. I'm not understanding why you'd need to use Feeds or upgrade to D8.

I didn't want to mess about upgrading D6 to D7. I've done that before and found it to be really challenging, long winded and problematic in some areas. Figured this time I would start from scratch in Backdrop and import the nodes and views, and convert the template. Might not be the right approach for everyone, but I'm finding that it's saving time on this particular project.

D8 was merely a suggestion, where I could use an existing site to convert the views and image styles.