Jen Lampton is going to talk about how to port a Drupal 7 theme to Backdrop CMS.

Let's also do a show and tell. If you have something that you have been working on and would be willing or interested to share a quick 5 minute demo/lightning talk, let us know. Post your ideas here or contact Tim @stpaultim (Twitter).

Date: Oct 29th (or 30th) Time (in your time zone):

This virtual user group meeting will happen in Zoom and will be recorded. We encourage you to login to the chat and participate in the discussion.

Zoom address: 



I started a project to port the Boilerplate theme from Drupal based upon a request from a user. It's a bit of an experiment and I've love to get feedback during this session about:

  1. Is this a good theme to port?
  2. Where to start?
  3. What to do with layouts in theme?

ALSO, if there is time. I've l would love to do a lightning talk on "config_recipes" project. Just a quick introduction about what it is and how people can help.


Tim Erickson

We had a great VUG today. We had 12 people online for most of the presentation. 

Jen Lampton walked us through the process of porting a Drupal 7 module to Backdrop. Her process very much focused on a process to port a D7 module that would make it easier for Drupal 7 sites using that theme to migrate to Backdrop. 

We discussed the fact that one might take a very different approach towards porting a theme if the only goal was to make that theme available to new Backdrop sites or for upgraded sites that need an entirely new theme. 

You can watch the entire presentation on Youtube at: