I'm working on a site and noticing that when I use a custom layout for a content type and a node of that content type is in a menu, the menu text is used for the page title and not the text that is in the title field? This is odd...?




That's strange. I'm trying a template override and am not seeing this issue. Can you enable Devel and then go to admin/config/development/devel and enable "Theme debug", reload the page and inspect the source with your browser's dev tools?  Depending on your front end theme and your layout, the node title may be themed by a different template file. In Basis, the theming template for the node's titles is page-components.tpl.php. But perhaps in your theme or layout, the title is actually being themed by your overridden node template? 

I'm not using any additional tpl files...  happens on both Basis and Bootstrap 5 Lite themes. Things work fine if I disable the custom layout..

It may be that I've messed up the site somehow as I'm not seeing this on another.

Devel does not show anything surprising

<!-- THEME DEBUG -->
<!-- CALL: theme('page_components') -->
   * page-components--title-combo.tpl.php
   x page-components.tpl.php
<!-- BEGIN OUTPUT from 'core/modules/system/templates/page-components.tpl.php' -->
<h1 class="page-title">First-Year TEST Students</h1>

When you say "custom layout" do you mean a Layout override of `node/%`? Or are you referring to a custom layout template created at admin/structure/layouts/settings? 

It may be helpful to see an export of the layout you are using. Can you paste here?

Same thing happened to me. I had a page called "Artists & Makers." Menu link title was "Art." When I saved the page, the page title said "Art" instead of "Artists & Makers." When I disabled the menu link, it reverted back to the correct "Artists & Makers." As long as the page was in the menu, the CMS acted like the menu link title was the page title. Then I realized that the layout override didn't have a Main Page Content block. There's a warning that the page might not operate properly without it. I didn't see that warning because I had cloned the dynamic layout from a static layout.

I discovered my mistake when I deleted the dynamic layout and created a new one. That's when I noticed the Main Page Content block. Now it works fine.