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I was happy to see content scheduling added in Backdrop 1.10 but surprised that there was no option for scheduled unpublishing like wordpress has built in and like the Drupal scheduler module has. Since it was still not added in the new 1.11.0 release, I thought I would bring it to your attention. I would highly recommend that you add that feature.

I think the most common uses for scheduled content are going to require unpublishing at a specified time. Like promotions, sales, holiday or seasonal events, etc.



I don't think it was an "oversight". Rather these things happen incrementally. Scheduled publishing is the most important. If people feel that regular users will also need scheduled unpublishing then it needs to be added as an issue on github and discussed. Plus needs a volunteer to take it on to develop it.

Here is a discussion about auto unpublishing: 

Here is a link to the issue that resulted in the scheduling a post feature:

I'm not seeing any ongoing issue to add a scheduled unpublish option to core. If you would like to see that, open an issue in the issue queue: