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Hi everyone, 

Im planing to start using Backdrop because is really fast and so Drupal 7, that I like it, and now that in less that 12 months Drupal 7 is going to finish, I think is the best option, the only thing is that I dont really understand why is using Jquery 1.x instead of Jquery 3.x

is there anyway to use Jquery 3? at least in some pages (I presume is using Jquery 1 because Views has been written in that version and to change that would be a lot of work)

Thanks in advance! 

This is the website design based in Mallorca I willing to port from D7 to Backdrop!!  

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Hola, Diseño web Mallorca. Welcome to the Backdrop community and forum!

I don't know a lot about jQuery versions and whether something like this may break your site, but technically you could create a simple custom module that implements hook_library_info_alter() and modify the version of jQuery that's defined in system_library_info()

You may also want to post your questions on the Backdrop Zulip channel. You may get quicker help sometimes there.

Good luck!



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It's just that there are security vulnerabilities in Jquery 1.x  That's a really really old version of the script. But I will try to add it the way you say to see of theres not any incomatibility between both versions.

Thanks Alejandro!