I'm working on an upgraded D7 site with Paragraphs used to upload images for displaying 3 in a row.

It appeared to work fine but viewing as anonymous revealed the images were not uploaded correctly, as they appeared as (for example)


instead of the specified target directory of


I'm obviously doing something wrong but I'm not sure where to look to find out.

Any pointers would be most welcome!




Have you configured your file system paths correctly?  Administration > Configuration > Media

Thanks for the reply.

I have sites/default/files for the Public file system path, as usual (for D7).

The Temporary directory was initially set as /tmp. Then I tried it as sites/default/files/tmp to see if it helped. It didn't.

What should the Temporary directory be set to? Is there a clear example somewhere in the docs?

Further to this, the problems seems to be related to Paragraphs. When an image is added as an inline image in the Body field, it displays fine. The file is uploaded and saved in the correct directory under sites/default/files as you would expect.

It was not caused by Paragraphs but my my use of filefield_paths. I had omitted to put anything in the Temporary file location setting at:


so I added the suggested "temporary://":

Thank you @argiepiano for talking me through it on https://backdrop.zulipchat.com/