I need to get Userpoints going on a new project. The project is a non-for-profit project and the points are essential to get going. This is because I want everyone getting involved to collect points to have recognition for their contributions. When successful these points should lead into a blockchain.

I will happely share the project here hopefully soon and more importantly I will be happy to write down my experience to help others. Sure, writting documention is one of those unhappy tasks with little recognition when it gives you easy access and shamed when it does not.....

I have a website on localhost running D7 and the userpoint system working. I know how to manage this, but with User Points contributed modules.

In activating the module on DBCMS there are fewer add-in modules than on D7 - which includes Userpoints Nodes and Comments, etc. Which must be the reason the the missing in DBCMS of Additional points settings under ...../admin/config/people/userpoints/settings. The documentation under https://www.drupal.org/node/1327522 - assumes that these additional modules are activated.

  • (*) What also throws me is the extra tab  ...../admin/config/people/userpoints/types - not available in D7 - what are those fields for?

First success - I got points on a test side allocated for adding new content. Ok, I willexperiment more, keep notes and come back.

I would be grateful for any advice and hints to progress the implementation of Userpoints and to get some documentation together. Some response to the question marked (*) would be helpful.

Being new here - where should the documentation be published?





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Hello  and welcome to Backdrop-land 🙂,

Usually when others start porting a module from D7, they start an issue in https://github.com/backdrop-ops/contrib/issues and tag it as "port in progress". That way, if there are others interested in porting the same module, you will all be able to coordinate on getting the port done. If you need help with anything, then also tag it with "help wanted". If you do not have a GitHub account, and don't want to create one, then please feel free to keep posting questions/progress here. Whatever makes you feel comfortable really ...contributing to open source in general should be fun, so please don't stress about it 😉.

It's not clear to me from your post, but it seems that you are looking for documentation around porting modules from D7. If so, then have you taken a look at https://api.backdropcms.org/converting-modules-from-drupal? That is our official documentation about D7 ports, and I would start from that if I were you. If you happen to find something being confusing and/or missing, then please either mention it here, or report it in our official chat, or you could even start a new issue in https://github.com/backdrop-ops/api.backdropcms.org/issues and describe what needs to be updated in the documentation.

I think that you may also want to read https://backdropcms.org/contribute/join.

As for your question, can you please elaborate a bit on it? Does this tab show up when you install the main userpoints module or any of the other modules (which one?)? Is that in D7 or in Backdrop? What is the expected behaviour, and what do you see instead?

Once again, welcome to the community! 😜

Thanks Klonos,

very helpful. I will need to get deeper into using github. I have an account and I also got onto the chat. Now I need to feel my way.

It seems the questions I have on Userpoints need to go to the github. And whatvever I might be able to add for the How-To docs as well.

I am not going to get involved in programming other then applying patches.

Oh, yes I forgot to add the name of the extra tab in Backdrop - it is "TRANSACTION TYPES" with this link .../admin/config/people/userpoints/types. This is not available in D7.  A hint to what the fields are for would be useful.
But, it seems I best ask the qouestion in github. I might find it while experimenting.

Thanks for the welcome, appreciated


Hi there, I ported UP. Sorry for some reason I wasnt signed up for notifications to that module, so havent ever responded to any issues raised. Just signed up now. It is always helpful to create new issues as I actually dont use this module at all, so wouldnt know unless you says so. However I must confess, I've ported a billion modules as a "service" to the community, but as a consequence I am not always able to consistently maintain them, so expect delays unfortunately.