I would love it if there was a one click install for backdrop on softalicious, but haven't seen it yet, any plans for this?

Additionally, there is no install.php in the files I downloaded...!




Hi, we have an issue here: https://github.com/backdrop/backdrop-issues/issues/965 for Softaculous. Somehow though after a few conversations with them, nothing happened and this dropped off our radar. Resent an email to them today, thanks for reminding.

Install.php is in the "core" folder, incidentally. Did you check there? Its present both in the Backdrop repository on GitHub and in the zip downloaded from Backdrop CMS, so if its not where it should be your download must have corrupted somehow. Please try again.

Ok, it was a Google Chrome issue, I downloaded form Firefox and it installed     fine.

I was pleasantly surprised how it installed flawlessly on xampp, no modifying php.ini, no errors, no stackoverflow wild goose chase, refreshing after stugling with D8 nightmares for months!

Bravo! ;)