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Sometimes you might need to get a local dev environment up quickly for testing, demonstrating, or just evaluating Backdrop and or contrib modules.  I've found this 5 min recipe helpful.

  • Download Backdrop with Drush

drush dlb backdrop --path=myawesomeapp

  • Move into your newly downloaded Backdrop directory

cd myawesomeapp

  • Initialize a LAMP or LEMP stack with Lando

lando init --recipe backdrop

  • Start your new Backdrop app

lando start

Lando will give you some URLs that you can visit, install, and use Backdrop with.


Pro Tip

You can also quickly install Backdrop with Drush:

lando drush si --db-url=mysql://backdrop:backdrop@database/backdrop

Nothing here requires you to use Lando. If you already have a local LAMP stack you can use the drush commands independently of Lando.


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I'm trying this lando drush si command, but I will like to set the profile I want to install. Is that possible? I've seen in that there is an argument for the profile, but I cannot make it work.

I tried

lando drush si profile_name ...


lando drush si "profile_name" ...

with no luck.

Also, i tried to set the --account-pass=mypass and cannot get in because of an incorrect password error message.

@robertgarrigos I've not tried teh --profile or --account-pass options. But looks like you've filed an issue in the drush queue I think that is the right place to continue the discussion.

Perhaps we need one for the --account-pass flag as well?

Even w/ just a regular drush si I've noticed that the provided password does not seem to work any longer ... so I think maybe some of the password hashing changes in Backdrop have broken this, so we may  need to adjust in drush.