Both in the main site and in the Forum I can not find a page about History of Backdrop. There's a news page, but it's not the same.

One distinct page "History of Backdrop CMS" would be very useful for new users who want to know what this CMS is and whether it would be useful for them.

Now such information can be found in various other sources - for example from Wikipedia, it has been scattered across many other sites and blogs.

It would be useful to provide the official history in the main site of Backdrop probably as a sub-page of About.

For example I found a lot of interesting information about the name "Backdrop" and what the Backdrop logo symbolizes in the Press Kit page, but it is not readily available to visitors and there is no link to it in the main menu.

But the information in the Kit page is insufficient, it can only be a useful element. Similar information together with a story of how the idea of the system was born, its development and milestones, personal info for system creators and managing authorities, such a story would be very useful for new users, especially those who are not familiar with Drupal.

This page (or a separate page) should contain more information about what Backdrop is distinguished from Drupal 7, Drupal 8 and Wordpress. For example like what you have wrote here: