I'm not a coder, trying to migrate D6 site (via D7) to backdrop. In old site I relied on view reference fields to make many pages. What I want is to have a node, with pictures, text, what have you, then I want a list of nodes displayed after that.

I can display nodes use a simple reference field, but I would like to be able to display them via views, using the formatting options.

If this is not possible in the foreseeable future, let me know if there any suggestions. 

The problem with the display of node reference is it's just a dumb list, I would like to be able to style the way this of nodes w- title, image, teaser so it looks nice, and set the image, for example, to link to it's full node.

I would really appreciate any direction. Thanks !




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You can add a "Contextual filter" to the view. If every node you want to show is referenced by the node you are viewing, then you'll add a relationship for "item" (referenced by) and then add a contextual filter for the item.

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There is another module which might help: Block reference. It defines a field type which allows to choose a block to be displayed on the node. So, if your View is available as block display, you can place it via the Block reference field.

The module has been ported recently. As far as I know, it works, but I guess at the moment it's only available at Github (see the link above). Which means you can't find it via the Backdrop Project browser but have to install it manually for the time being.