Hey there...!

I'm very new to Backdrop, not so to Drupal where I also my username is PepeMty.

I have 2 issues/questions:

1. I was about to make a port request for the Paragraphs module at github but found that since April 2017 that jacksinn already started it. So I asked him the status on this.

2. Remember the the Upgrade Status module...? Does Backdrop has anything similar so you can check if the modules in a D7 site have equivalents in Backdrop...? Guess not, but had to ask.

Warm regards from sunny México.



I like the idea of an Upgrade Status module but I don't know of anything similar for Backdrop at this point. I'm not sure how much work it would take for that one to be reconfigured to check D7 modules and whether they have been upgraded to Backdrop.

I was going to say you could drop a suggestion/request in the "Port Requests" area, but I guess it is technically not a port since it would be for Drupal 7. Maybe that's okay, though.

That **sounds like** it should be simple enough to do; you'd need to do a request to GitHub API instead of to Drupal, but the code should otherwise not change. But where would you store this module? On Drupal or Backdrop?

Thanks for your prompt reply, docwilmot 

Personally, I'd store this module here in Backdrop as a "merchandising" item: "Check how 'backdropisable' your Drupal 7 site is".

Best regards.