A few days I try to upgrade a site with Drupal 7 to Backdrop 1.9.0, I have done it many times and always occurs the same problem - the site is upgraded, but Administration menu is corrupted. Dislocated items, absent items.

/admin/content is not available at all - it is impossible to see content list.

I follow literally the instructions here:

(It seems that one step there is missing - before "6. Navigate to this site in a browser, and visit /update.php to proceed with the update." it was necessary for me change in settings file $settings['update_free_access'] = TRUE;)

I remembered that some time ago - beginning of last year - I have done a successful upgrade from Drupal 7 to the earlier versions of Backdrop.

So I went back and did the upgrade procedure again, but to Backdrop 1.2.3.

The upgrade has become successful and now there are no problems with Administration menu.

After that I made an update to Backdrop 1.9.0. Now the upgraded site looks and works fine.

So I think there's a problem with the upgrade from Drupal 7 to Backdrop 1.9.0.

Sorry, I didn't make screenshots.





I worked another day trying to solve the same problem and finally I found a solution. Now, however, I will apply a screenshot to make it clear what was broken in the administrative menu.

This is Administration bar after upgrading my Drupal 7 site to Backdrop 1.9.0

brocken menu illustration

It was impossible do delete Ceni, Novina and Page items and move them under Create content. It was impossible also to delete Maintenance and Performance items that was custom shortcuts added from me to Drupal 7 Management menu under the Dashboard item.

When editing Administration menu links there were not at all such items as well there was no Create content item.

Finally I manage to correct Administration bar with this actions:

- Deactivate and uninstall Administration bar and Menu modules

- Empty database table menu_links using phpMyAdmin

- Activate Administration bar and Menu modules

And after that Administration bar now is with its normal view and functioning.

* * *

The benefit of this exercise was immense. After I did 20-30 upgrades from Drupal 7 to Backdrop, trying to solve this problem, now it's (upgrading from D7)  for me easy like breathing:-)

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It seems that one step there is missing - before "6. Navigate to this site in a browser, and visit /update.php to proceed with the update." it was necessary for me change in settings file $settings['update_free_access'] = TRUE;

This step is only required if 1) you were not logged in to your Drupal site, or 2) you were logged in, but did not have permission to run updates. If you are both logged in and have the appropriate permissions, setting this flag is not required. However, thanks to your feedback, we have added this information to the upgrading instructions: https://backdropcms.org/upgrade-from-drupal.

Thanks for working through the update and finding a solution to the problem.  I'm afraid we still don't understand exactly what was wrong with 1.9 in the first place, however. Would you be willing to create an issue at https://github.com/backdrop/backdrop-issues/issues, stating what had been done to your menu in Drupal 7, so we can reproduce the problem you experienced with the upgrade?

Thanks for the reply. After the time since I wrote this post, I found that it (the post) needs corrections because I found my mistakes in the old Drupal 7 website installation that possibly are the cause of the problem with the upgrade, and also have noticed some other problems. I keep working on this problem. 

When I have results I will write again. Please consider this post as a pending update. I guess my future addition to this post would be more useful.

It would be good if there is an opportunity for the author to delete his posts that he wanted to delete as insufficiently conceived or erroneous. If there was such a possibility I would have deleted the previous one as premature.


Thanks for correcting https://backdropcms.org/upgrade-from-drupal.

But I suggest you also to put the closing bracket on the sentence:

(You will need to be both logged in and have sufficient privilege to run the update. IfThis is not the case you can change $settings [' update_free_access '] = TRUE; In your settings.php file.


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Fixed, thanks so much!